Fallond / Trade Ideas / Jim Cramer : June 19th - 26th

Because of my trip, last week would have seen my week-on-week comparison analysis so instead I have crammed all the posts into one.

It was a week when Jim Cramer and the Trade Ideas scan shone; each taking a weekly title twice, with the market ETFs taking Monday's comparison. My newsletter picks only featured for three of the five days and finished flat on the week.

Jim Cramer had the best net returns for his lightning round picks with a series of -2.63%, -0.12%, +4.80%, +4.30% and +0.63%.

In terms of overall performance the Trade Ideas picks reigned supreme, followed by Jim Cramer's stocks and then the Market ETFs. My newsletter picks remain slightly down on average for the week (see chart; n = 42 to 46 with 3-8 stocks per rep (n)).

However, in a straight fight between the systems, the average return per trade remains the highest in my newsletter picks 40% of the time. Jim Cramer and the Market ETFs dice for second at 26% and 24% a piece with the Trade Ideas picks trailing last.

What does this all mean? My newsletter picks - when they are good, are very good - but when they are bad, they are very bad. The Trade Ideas picks rarely make waves but are consistent performers week in and week out; hence their strong average return per trade.


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