Fallond / Trade Ideas / Jim Cramer : June 2nd

The Friday-on-Friday comparison was the worst, overall 1-week performance, since I started doing this in early February. No stock picking method closed profitable; the best performance came from the stock picks of Jim Cramer (-2.61%); worst were my Trade Ideas picks -4.59%. The Trade Ideas scan previous worst return was -2.73% from May 4th. The Market ETFs had their worst performance to date too at -3.69% on the week.

The title of "worst perfoming individual stock" went to the Trade Ideas pick, DLIA. The stock traded at a discount of -14.78% to the previous Friday. The best performing stock was one of Jim Cramer's: BWP gained +3.48%, one of three profitable Lightning round picks out of his eight.

For the Trade Ideas selection, MIG and MWIV featured three times over the 6 minutes it took the scan to come up with 8 stocks. NOV featured twice.

Jim Cramer's victory brings his win percentage to 24%, tied with the market ETFs. My newsletter picks remain firmly in the lead with a 44% performance return versus the three test systems. Based on an average return per trade, the Trade Ideas scan is still streets ahead - even with Friday's losses. An average of +0.39% per week compared very favorably to my newsletter return of -0.02%, or a market return for the measured period of -0.07%. Jim Cramer comes in at +0.03%.

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