Trade Ideas vs Fallond vs Jim Cramer. May 15th

Not surprisngly, it was down week all round for the various stock picks. Unfortunately, the biggest loss ever in the 33 week-on-week comparisons went to Jim Cramer; his -12.28% loss killed what had been a reasonably strong performance of late for Jimbo. Is this the curse of the Guru? There are four more days to find out.

Although no stock pick set were profitable, stocks drawn from the Trade Ideas scan only finished the week down -0.38%, closing well above the market ETF loss of -2.24% and my newsletter picks of -3.30%.

Only two stocks were profitable on the week, both of which were drawn from my Trade Ideas scan; LTD and IT.

The average performance can be found in the chart in the right-hand-margin, but I have listed the average return and standard error for each of the performance parameters below:

Fallond Stock Newsletter: Average weekly return: 0.23%. Standard error: 0.66%
Trade Ideas Scan: Average weekly return: 0.75%. Standard error: 0.40%
Jim Cramer: Average weekly return: 0.32%. Standard error: 0.62%
Market ETFs: Average weekly return: 0.29%. Standard error: 0.22%

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If you would like to see Jim's picks you can tune into his TV show, or get them from Madd Money or Mad Money Recap.


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