Trade Ideas: Follow up March 22nd

It was an unfortunate return for my newsletter picks, but Jim Cramer's lightning round picks stole the show, taking Wednesday's laurels.

My five picks logged an average loss of 2.89% per trade, hit hard by declines in HBX and COLY. For those following my suggested stop price system; the HBX trade is still in play, but the COLY trade closed for a 5.9% loss.

It was a quiet week for the Trade Ideas selection, with a slight underperformance relative to the market. An 88% win percentage would have protected the majority from losses.

But it was Jim Cramer's Mad Money lightning round picks which stole the show, with an average profit of 3.76% per trade. NBR helped bump the average in this regard, but HAL and ORA were not far behind.

The biggest winner on the week was NBR from Jim Cramer. The biggest loser was my own HBX.

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