Trade Ideas: Follow up March 10th

As I needed to pull Jim Cramer's picks from another site for my March 9th update, it would appear the stocks which I thought were from Wednesday's show and which I used on Thursday, were actually from his Thursday show. As I don't want to use these picks for a second day in a row, I have opted instead to use his Friday show picks. It does give his picks an advantage as these are bought pre-show (as was the case for Thursday too).

It was a strong Friday-to-Friday session for stocks. Even allowing for the advantage of Jim's pre-show picks, his average return of 5.79% per trade was clearly the best of the bunch. He had only one loser in STJ, which closed for a modest 1.6% loss.

My own picks carried the only other loser in WGO. This stock was stung for 15% (it was a 6% loss based on my suggested stop price). Luckily, the largest gainer of all featured stocks came from my picks too; ASIA closed up 11% and helped keep my average return in positive territory for the week.

Although Jim Cramer took the plaudits for net return, it was the Trade-Ideas selection which took the consistency title; another 100% win percentage on an average return of 3.98% per trade for the week.

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