Today's eight stocks was generated over the space of an hour (compared to minutes normally). There is little for buyers to get excited about with the NASDAQ trading below 20-day and 50-day MAs, the break of October trendline support in the RUSSELL 2000 and semiconductor index - with a similar breakdown likely to occur in the S&P if it keeps its current form. Ugly day all around.

ACTU: Channel scan. Trading at the lows of the channel ($3.80) and looking vulnerable to further selling. Buy break of $3.90, but otherwise keep this on the watch list.

CBSS: Base scan. Bullish flag which is $0.70 away from 20-day MA support. Steady uptrend should continue. Stops on a loss of the 50-day MA. Look to whole number resistance as a price target ($60 first).

XRX: Base scan. Trading in a small channel above the 50-day MA. Buy closing break of $15.20. Stops on loss of 50-day MA. Measure move target of $18.50

GNW: Base scan. Rally off $31.72 is perhaps a little extended to be buying here. Watch for retracement to 50-day MA, or $33.50 (whichever is lower). Resistance at $35 will be a concern.

XRAY: Base scan. Decent demand on dips below $56. But stock trades in a broad channel, marked by $52 lows and $58 highs since early 2005. Money flow favors the bulls - will we see a break of $58 soon?

ZION: Base scan. Bouncing off the 20-day MA on a bullish test of new support ($81.20). If buying, run a stop on a loss of $81.40. A test of the 50-day MA at $78.93 cannot be ruled out at this stage, its last test in January did produce a tradable bounce.

MHS: Base scan. Attempted close of the breakout gap. The gap at $56 remains following todays (premature?) rally. $57.50 is resistance on the weekly chart. In the bulls favor is the ascending triple top breakout from March 1st and price target of $68.

CRL: Base scan. Tightening coil could go either way. A break of $50 brings $55 into range. A loss of $48 has $44.50 in its sights. Swing traders play. Resistance at $52 is a concern for the bulls.

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