Summary to date

Compiled below are two tables reflecting average returns (%) for each week, or two month period, since I started comparing my newsletter and Trade Ideas scan performance, to that of Jim Cramer and the markets.

For the week-on-week performance, the Trade Ideas scan has been the strongest performer, returning an average of 1.31% week-on-week, exceeding the markets return of 1.13%. My newsletter stock picks, and Jim Cramer's picks have underperformed the markets for the same period.

Broadening the scope to a 2-month time frame; all three sets of stocks outperform the market. Jim Cramer's selection wins overall, with an average return of 7.05% over the 2 months. This is followed by Trade Ideas at 5.42% and my newsletter stock picks at 2.89%. But it is still early days for this comparison, given the small sample size.

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