Mar 25th: Markets finished the week on quiet action as the trend for falling volume continued. In the near term, bulls will look best served by the tech averages, the NASDAQ in particular, as secondary tech indicators [$NASI, $NAA50 and $BPCOMPQ] confirmed earlier crosses in the 5-day EMAs with supporting technical "buy" signals. The overall markets have re-aligned in typical bullish fashion with the Russell 2000 leading the NASDAQ, which leads the S&P (although the Dow is lording it over the NASDAQ). How far the markets can go is anyone's guess; but given the overbought nature of the market (the January-March consolidation did little to relieve such conditions), I suspect not very far.

Gold and silver were the week's star performers; breakouts in CDE, HL, KGC, GFI, PAAS, SIL, and SSRI were icing on the cake for metal miners.

Newsletter stock updates:

Target hit: NCTY hit its Target price, but looks well positioned to continue its gains. Watch how it consolidates around $28 resistance. This March 7th play is considered closed for an 18% gain.

Stop hit: RRI hit its raised stop from December 13th after months of sideways trading. The free Breakout play closed for a 6% loss, the November 21st Subscriber play closed for a 4% gain. The stock did close the day on a doji; marking indecision on the the behalf of bulls and bears.

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