Fallond / Trade Ideas / Jim Cramer : Jan 13th

Another 2-month performance comparison, this time from January 13th. All three sets of stocks handily outperformed the market ETFs for this period.

Of the listed stocks, the best performer was ZOLT; a Subscriber pick from January 13th. Unfortunately, the biggest loser was a free Breakout pick, WRES. The highest win percentage was from my 6 stock picks; 83% winners with a net return per trade of 14.89%, but if the ZOLT trade is removed, the net return drops to a scant 1.55% per trade.

The Trade Ideas and Jim Cramer select recorded an equal win percentage of 75%. Jim's picks had bigger winners (but also bigger losers) than the Trade Ideas Base scan picks; recording an average return of 8.16% per trade compared to 4.86%.

Interestingly enough, the QQQQs/Tech markets have had a poor last couple of months, down 3.40%, but of the NASDAQ listed stocks from all three sets of picks, the average return was an impressive 13.81% per trade.

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