Collective2: Systems review

This was a post I made on the Collective 2 forum; for those of you who have visited the site and are looking for trading systems to use (other than my own) - this is my analysis of the sites "Best Of" ranking.

I did a little checking on the System lists and I was left a little baffled by some of the rankings; particularly in the "Most Popular" rankings.

I have taken into consideration the number of reviews posted, and an average of the subscriber ranking ("average ranking"). It should probably be assumed a reviewer will be more likely to complain about a system than they are likely to complement it - so I expect rankings to favor the low end of the scale.

Lets start with the Best Systems - All Systems Tabs

If we are to go by total number of reviews per system, we would have a list as follows

Consensus Trading
High-Sharpe FX / Coin Collector
Upbeat Trading
Risk-Averse/Entropia/Andy's Open Bar
Every body else on the list = 0 reviews

The longest system to go without a review is Fox E-mini at 37 weeks

If we rank by average star ratings, the list would be

Risk-Averse/Andy's Open Bar
Consensus Trading
High-Sharpe FX
Upbeat Trading
Coin Collector

Now with only one review (5 stars) a piece for Risk-Averse and Andy's Open Bar it is easier for them to top the list. Consensus Trading edges Extreme-OS for second place - but its good scores for both systems, if we go on a complainers mentality for review posting. High-Sharpe FX also deserves an honorable mention.

If we rank by number of views per week, the list goes as

High-Sharpe FX
Work and Trade
Remainder <150 views/week

If we use the Collective2 ranking; Extreme-OS takes the plaudits. MBN-1 is ranked second on the All-System list but has no reviews - so its hard to tell if reviewers are happy (or not) - but no news is probably good news in this regard. Third ranked Coin Collector has been suckered by some disgruntled subscribers. Consenus Trading languishes in 10th place, but probably deserves to be ranked higher, as does 14th placed High-Sharpe FX.

Where things start to get sketchy is in the Collective 2 - Most-Popular list.

First up we will look at total number of reviews

Bender's S&P Emini
Consensus Trading
Options in the Green
Steady II
All others 1 review

As for the average score of these reviews (for >1 review)

Steady II (2 reviews = 5 stars)
Consensus Trading (4 reviews = 4.5 stars)
Extreme OS (11 reviews = 3.36 stars)
Benders S&P Emini (5 reviews = 2.8 stars)
Hawk-FX (18 reviews = 2.7 stars)
Options in the Green (3 reviews = 1.67 stars)

If we rank by views per week

Benders S&P Emini/Black Dog/FX-NeuralPower
Steady II
Goofiz Foliage's Future ATM
Risk-Averse FX
All other systems <200 views per week

Collective2 ranks; FX-Neural Power as number one system; its single review was 2 stars. Hawk-FX comes in second and for all of its recent publicity it has an average ranking of 2.67 stars. Third is Risk-Averse FX with a single 5-star review. Steady II is ranked 10th, Extreme-OS is fourth, and Consensus Trading fifth. FX-Neural Power has certainly come alive in recent weeks, but I don't see how it is "Most Popular". Hawk-FX looks fairly ranked and Extreme-OS and Consensus Trading should probably be bumped up a level or two).

But the biggest confusion is the Long-Term tab of the "Most-Popular".

Of the Collective 2 list, only two systems have reviews; MB Trading and Sliced Bread. Each of these systems carries one review a piece. Not one system is able to reach a number of views per week higher than 50 (this compares to 660 views per week for the 42 week long Hawk-FX system, 338 per week for Extreme OS, 226 views per week of High-Sharpe FX, or 166 per week for Consensus Trading - none of which are featured on the Long-Term list). Put another way; first ranked Pinnacle Trading as had 1,635 system views while Extreme-OS has had 19,262 views over a shorter time period of the systems existence. There looks to be no rhyme-or-reason as to why these systems are ranked as "Most Popular-Long Term" systems. It also questions the viability of these lists; i.e. if you are top listed you should be getting more system traffic from members => you views per system age should go up. But it looks like this particular list of systems is barely visited by anyone here. So why have it?

Based on this basic analysis of mine it would appear Extreme-OS, Consensus-Trading, and High-Sharpe FX have the highest satisfaction; while Hawk-FX and Extreme OS are the Most Popular.

As for my own system.

Well..... I just made the 104 system views mark (a whopping 4 views per week), and I am awaiting my first subscriber.

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