Collective2: CRME and KDN out

Two recent additions were stopped out; one for a gain, the other for a loss. CRME did manage modests gain after the buy-in, before it was pegged back on light volume, then suckered punched with a downgrade, enough to hit the original stop price for a $768 loss on a $9,800 outlay. KDN was a stronger performer and although the stop price was hit, this had more to do with protecting the profit in a weak market, rather than an actual belief there is anything wrong with the stock. KDN looks to be shaping a horizontal consolidation, an excellent continuation consolidation. This play closed for a $1,443 profit on a $10,000 outlay. If you would like to subscribe to this system, click on the performance Collective2 chart below. Two stocks remain in the portfolio.

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