Trade Ideas: Follow up from Feburary 6th

I have included my own newsletter picks, and the first 8 lightning round picks of Jim Cramer from Friday (from Madd Money), February 3rd. For both sets of picks I have used Monday's open price as the 'entry price'. Unfortunately, I was unable to post last Monday's Trade-Ideas picks during trading hours - so I am using the closing price as the 'entry' price, giving mine and JC's picks a full trading day advantage.

All three sets of stock picks underperformed the market on average, and none of the stock sets were able to generate an overall profit. JC and I recorded a 50% win, with my Trade-Ideas scan underperfoming, with a 38% win.

However, the Trade-Ideas stocks had the lowest standard deviation in returns (0.02%), compared to the more volatile picks of my own (0.07%). Individually, my newsletter picks brought greater gains, but also bigger losses, compared to the Trade-Ideas selection. FYI, JC's picks had a standard deviation of 0.05%.

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