The Trade-Ideas scan took just under 30 minutes to come up with today's 8 stocks - not the strongest market to be buying.

ABS: Tight handle after a rapid rise for January. Support at $24.25 (the January gap) looks best place for stops. $30 as a price target.

WRS: Closes over $15. Allow room for intraday whipsaw but the 40-week MA has acted very well as support and looks a good place for stops.

CKNN: Thinly traded but small doji at 50-day MA has long side merits. Weekly chart shows some strong buying spikes, so there are buyers lurking. A Friday close above $9.50 should see momentum interest.

NWEC: Nice handle with good support at $30.75. Buy break of $32 - stops on a loss of $30.75. Heavy volume breakout gap from $29 looks to be holding which is a good marker for demand.

JJSF: Probably best to wait for break of $31.50 as the stock works its way through a 2-month consolidation. Rising money flow, and a 50-day MA which is trying to act as support as part of a larger uptrend in the weekly chart, does favor bulls. Stops go on a loss of $29.

ICLR: Very thinly traded. Break of $45 would complete the three month ascending triangle. Resistance at $50 matches whole number psychological resistance, and the measured move target from the triangle. Stops go on a loss of $43.

FSL: Three month resistance in the $27.50-$28.00 range on the daily chart. GTC buy limit orders at $28.16 can be used to fish for a breakout. Solid trend in the weekly chart suggests a break of $27 (weekly chart resistance) could occur soon. Alternative entry; buy a Friday close above $27. Stops on a loss of $25.

PER: Back on the radar after a morning gap down and rally. This volatility stopped out my Collective2 play for a loss, but long side merits remain. Best to wait for break of $15.30 before making an additional plunge.

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