Fallond / Trade Ideas / J. Cramer: Nov 30th

Another comparison, this time including the stock picks drawn from the Trade-Ideas scan. As before, I have sourced Mad Money picks of Jim Cramer to Madd Money. In order to do the comparisons I restricted the number of stocks in each group to the lowest common denominator (i.e. my 6 picks). I used the first six stocks from the Trade-Ideas scan, and the first six stocks from Jim's lightning round from the Madd Money site. The comparison is for the closing price of November 30th, to the closing price of February 10th.

Points of note:

[1] All markets are above November levels, but are well off their highs (no surpises there). But we are looking at a bull market for this time period.

[2] The Trade-Ideas picks gave the most consistent returns, while Jim's picks gave the highest average returns.

[3] Unfortunately, the returns from my own picks suffered because of the two short plays: ITMN, and NVT. Excluding the two short plays my average return for the period jumps to 15.65% - but this is cheating!

[4] Jim and I are tied with a 67% win percentage, but can't match the 100% of Trade-Ideas, or the markets.

[5] Jim's picks takes the average maximum returns title, although my own picks were able to nick the Trade-Ideas picks into the back straight (if only just).

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