Sunday, July 15, 2007 Weekly review

A big week for the indices as bulls pushed markets to new highs. What had the Stockcharters to say about it all?

Dr. Joe opened his list with a weekly summary:

and his leading Dow chart:

He has an interesting chart for the Euro Index (first I have seen this from him). Will the breakout in the Euro Index lead a downward break in the US Dollar?

His Bullish percent / Nasdaq combo chart is also a good one:

Matthew Frailey leads off with the long term 30-year bond price chart; support holding:

With the 10-year yield bumping along just under resistance:

Will his wave count come to fruition?

Mitchell Meana is showing something similar for the Diamonds (DIA):

Richard Lehman was surprised by the action:

7/12 -- Holy heck, Batman!! Most of the charts are still intact, albeit with some adjustments. But some, like the short term Dow here, simply defy explanation right now from a technical perspective. Can't imagine there are very many short players left standing.

7/11 -pm- Today's rebound does not say 'all clear' to me yet. The SPX is still below its break down line and the small caps are below their mini-channel breakdowns. I think this has the potential to turn into a larger down channel, but we need to see what happens tomorrow to know for sure.

7/11 -am- [Sorry...DSL was down last night] The Dow came PPRECISELY down to short term support at the close. Talk about channel magic! Some other indices have broken. Updating now...

7/9 -- The only chart that has a negative connotation is the XTC which broke its uptrend. Everything else marches on and gold & oil have accelerated upward. The stock indices remain highly vulnerable to a short term correction.

7/7 -- There's no denying the charts are quite bullish. There is, however, a lot of toppiness in the short term channels. They are at or near the upper lines and while they can continue creeping upward along those lines, they are subject to a brief decline of some sort at any time.

7/5 -- The Dow and SPX are moving sideways across their short term channels in a reasonable fashion, but the Naz, RUT, QQQQ and XLK, fueled by a striking tech rally, have just continued upward, causing their short term channels to actually steepen in midstream. This in turn is causing the longer term channels on the small caps to steepen as well. Who in heck is buying all this stuff???????

7/4 -- The short term action has been rather bullish despite the drop last Friday. You can see the steepness in the overall move and several short term charts have changed to steeper upward slopes. We are, however at or near the top of the short term channels and subject to a pullback in the very near term.

A gold and silver index chart from Steven Swink has me confused - should one be buying or distributing here?

Michael Winfree shows channel resistance (and consolidation) is no more for the Qs:

While Maurice Walker has two resistance levels for the Nasdaq - Breakout or Resistance?

Still appears to be enough doubt out there to keep this one rolling along ever higher. Small caps haven't joined the fun yet but they were last to break the 2006 consolidation and could just be 'slow' again?