Friday, June 01, 2007

"Trader's Narrative"

This is a non-compensated review of Babak's blog, "Trader's Narrative". The first thing that greets you upon visiting is the rather colorful banner below which lies an easy to read on the eye, Wordpress designed blog:

His navigation options are simple: [1] daily content, [2] a best of, [3] merchandise (the only blogger I know to market his blog this way!), [4] an about me section and a [5] Contact page.

[1] The daily content features the three most recent posts (which in some cases is more than one post a day). Just to give an idea of Babak's range: His posts today spoke about market distances from their MAs, with special reference to the Chinese Market (Bulls will be pleased to know the Nasdaq is only 8.7% up from its 200-day MA, the Dow, 10.7%); the desire for simplicity in trading versus the "voodoo" purveyors of incomprehensible methods; and a trading piece on US REITs.

One thing which stands out for me is his clarity of writing. Articles are a good length and the embedded Google ads and Content Link are not invasive, or overused. Articles are categorized and can be perused from his sidebar.

[2] His "Best-of" section is broken down into a series of categories: Trading, Technical Analysis, Sentiment, Psychology, a Sundry section, and an interesting widget which allows one to store files online for public sharing. Of interest to many will be his piece on Dummy Trading, and "R", with a good article on how to use the Bullish Percent Charts.

[3] 'Roll-up Roll-up - get your T-shirts - cure all your ills....'

[4] His About-Me section has no need for violins:

This is a highly recommended blog with something for everyone. Visitors won't be disappointed.