Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trade Ideas: SMH, STT, PH, MIL, FLR, TEK, TKR, ROH

The market has held up well in the face of rising yields. Part of the reason could be attributed to what Charles Kirk said here:

So far, I personally think stocks have been holding up pretty well though any weakness following the rallies we've seen over the past few months is going to look a lot worse to our virgin eyes. As you know, I like to see a more substantial fallout (in fact a few or more week's worth so I can have better prices to work with). Whether the market will change its stripes and cooperate with that plan is not yet known.

Everyone's wants the 'big' correction, but money on the sidelines is money ready to jump in and push the markets even higher. No one wants to be holding the can once the music stops - but it hurts to be out and see the market rally as well as it has, enough so to keep the sideline money trickling in.

The Trade Ideas picked up the pace from yesterday with a top-8 list covered in 2 minutes and a "20-appearance" list cooked in an over zealous 5 minutes.

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