Friday, May 18, 2007

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics...

I took a quick look at my readership numbers and noted a couple of quirks in the data. My total unique visits had a consistent pattern in reported monthly performance with a period of growth May-06 to October-06, then a drop, followed by a new growth period from November-06 to April-07. What is interesting is that each stat reader has its own version of unique visits; Sitemeter is the tightest and Webalizer the loosest. Presumably Webalizer is counting bot visits which the others do not, but I was surprised by the variation between the remaining stat counters given they probably all have the same "rules" for what is considered a unique visit.

The big difference was in the total number of visits to the site. Sitemeter went from been the more stringent from May to November before it flipped from December to March. The gradual growth in total visits is presumably attributed to more frequent visits from my uniques as they switch from (perhaps?) weekly visitors to more regular readers.

I wonder how feedreaders are included (if at all) in this data? Anyone know???