Thursday, April 05, 2007

Trader Trainee Wanted

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The following Trainee position is offered by Opus Atlanta, a Prop Trading firm. The length of time for training is not given but no capital is required to join.

Benjamin Rote is the trading coach for the position. His bio is:

Benjamin Rote has been in the trading industry for over 10 years. After graduating from George Mason University with a degree in Economics and a concentration in Finance, he joined ETG in 1995. In addition to becoming a successful Member Trader, he is now the National Training Manager for OPUS.

Since taking on the responsibility of National Training Manager in 2001, Ben has continually succeeded in transforming neophyte trainees into professional career traders. Ben Rote has combined proven trading principles with his trading style and developed a successful training program for OPUS. In addition, he created the “Trading as a Business” video training series to assist the trainee in understanding the proper approach to continued market profitability. As a teacher and mentor, he has produced a loyalty in his students founded on his dedication to teaching young traders the proper skills and discipline necessary to manage a professional trader business. The success of Ben's training program can be attributed to many elements including the leadership and professionalism he demonstrates on a daily basis.

One of Ben's trading strengths is his commitment to consistent profitability. In fact, he has had over 100 consecutive months of profitable trading, and continues to perform at this exceptional level. Ben feels that the key to his enduring success is to always evolve and improve his business. This desire to always stay ahead of the markets has enabled Ben to develop a trading method that is adaptable to any market environment.

After the acquisition of ETG by OPUS Trading Fund, LLC, Mr. Rote continues to trade and work with trainee traders for OPUS Trading.

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I would be interested to hear how applicants who apply through this site get on.