Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Subscription Model for my Newsletter.

**Updated June 2007 I am providing a reduced rate to buying annual membership with a KIVA certificate. The annual rate for newsletter service through KIVA is now $100 (an additional saving of 16% on regular annual membership at $119 and 44% on monthly payments of $14.99)**

I have struggled to find a cost effective credit card payment provider for those who can't (or don't want to) use Paypal which is not prohibitively expensive. I know international readers have a problem subscribing using Paypal so I have opted for an alternative payment method - a KIVA gift certificate. KIVA accepts Paypal and credit cards so it should work for everyone. I will also accept this as a payment method from anyone willing to support the KIVA program. Unfortunately, those wanting monthly membership will be restricted to using Paypal.

Its a win-win.

[1] Members get their newsletter
[2] Entrepeneurs get their money
[3] Once/If the money is paid back I can recycle the money back into KIVA, or take out withdrawals to cover my costs.
[4] No prohibitive fees

As gift certificates only come in $25 increments the following membership charges apply:

1-year: $100 KIVA certificate

6-month: $75 KIVA certificate

To purchase one must join KIVA in order to buy the certificate. Once a member of KIVA you can navigate to "KIVA Gifts" on the top menu bar. This takes you to a choice of purchase options. Once you complete payment you are provided with the email (yours) and a 13 digit code:

Next you email me the details of the gift certificate; i.e. the email address and the 13 digit number. I redeem the certificate as payment for the newsletter. In the email you can select the projects you would like to see the money allocated to, or I can select the projects on your behalf (which ever suits). You should also mention in the email what address you would like the newsletter sent to (by default it will be the one used to buy the gift certificate).

After a couple of days it is just a matter of checking my lending page to ensure the projects you selected got the allocated money from the gift certificate.

Please feel free to contact me ( with questions if need be.

As of March 2007 there are 17 loans in play with 5 paid off loans.

For those subscribing through Paypal there are these options:

Non-KIVA Subscription rates:

1-Year for $119 (save 33%)

$14.99 per month by credit card

To access these rates please complete a Paypal schedule in the blue box (right-hand-margin) of my main frontpage (Blogger won't allow for in post links).

Please allow 24 hours to set up site access and to add your email list to the distribution list. If you would like the newsletter to go to an alternative email address to the one used to subscribe then please send this information to Spam filters may mean you can't receive my newsletter; to correct this - allow emails from "" and ""

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