Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blogs of 2006

If someone decides to round up of the lists for "best financial blogs" which are doing the rounds at the moment then that should be worth a cookie. Here are my faves:

All rounder: TraderMike has a little bit of everything, but not too much of one thing. Links/Market Commentary/Stock watch lists. Can't fault him. Honorable mention to TheKirkReport and his Festivus of links.

Finger on the pulse: Brett Steenbarger crunches the numbers with his long form and short form analysis. He also keeps a handy source of links, not to mention his site was the primary driver of external site traffic to my blog in 2006 (Thanks Brett!)

Market Internals: Headline Charts should be on everyone's blogroll. Started in October 2006 and is now a regular stop in my daily routine. The sector bullish percents table is a great visual as to where the money is (or isn't).

Economy: The Big Picture. Looking forward to the day when Barry is bullish and loves the real estate market...

Blog for ROTH/IRA investing: Dividend Money. I like a yield paying stocks for my ROTH. I also like stocks which are optionable (allowing me to sell covered calls). Dividend Money is a great one stop-shop for the most consistent dividend paying stocks, and for stocks paying the best yield.

Investigative Blogging: 10Q Detective. Opened a can of worms when he had a go at Force Protection (FRPT), but this is a great blog if you like your fundamentals sliced and dashed.

Most underrated blog: Tricky category because there are probably great blogs which I simply haven't come across (or ones I find once - then lose them!) and blogs which have been around a while but never seem to get involved in a linkfest. Whether Bob would appreciate this mention or not, his Stock Picks Bob's Advice has been around since 2003 and combines fundamental measures with point-n-figure charts. A great blog for those looking to invest money rather than trade it.

Best Read: Years of writing for science journals have dulled my senses. Can' Bill a.k.a. NO DooDahs! is the cup-and-tea-and-biscuit read of blogs. He covers all aspects of the market including individual stocks.

Best video blog: Alpha Trends. No reading necessary, keeps his charts simple and the explanations clear.

Part of the circuit: These blogs often get a knock on the door from my internet (r)amble: The Chairman (not for the pictures of course), Bill Cara, Stocktickr (must remember to watch my watchlist more), Howard Lindzon (runs his mind a mile-a-minute), TickerSense (gotta see where other bloggers stand on the market), and The Bull Trader (I like charts charts charts).

Blogs who drive traffic to me: I have already mentioned Brett, but also a big Thank You! to: TraderMike for his blogroll and the big volume spike earlier in the year when I made my first appearance on his linkfest (interestingly, my second highest volume spike followed the Washington storm when I got a swathe of Google Traffic searching for '' after the site went down for a couple of days); Downtowntrader who regularly links to my weekly review of the Stockcharters; Marketmovers for my Trade-Ideas research; Wall St. Warrior/TraderJamie who's Blogroll drives a steady stream of traffic to the site.

Honorable mentions (non-blog): have been a big supporter for me in 2006. InstantBull have me ranked 5th for their 'Best of Breed for 2006'. I'm in good company and I can only hope I can stay at the busy end of things for 2007. More recently, I have been getting plenty of traffic from for listing me in their list of Stock Market Blogs, and, which said some nice things (awwww!).

Finally, to the 35 blogs who currently link to me - Have a Great 2007!