Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ticker Sense: Blogger poll results

The Ticker Sense Blogger poll results were published yesterday and it was interesting to see a general net bullishness for 2007. I am looking for continued rotation into large caps at the expense of tech and small cap stocks. This is why I have my projected Dow target at the upper range of Blogger expectations (my 14,000 Dow target was the top of the Dow range of 9,980 - 14,000), but my Nasdaq projection came in at the low end (2,050 was the third lowest projection of the 29 Bloggers polled, with the range of 1,950 to 3,000). My S&P Target came in at the upper range of projections (1,540 was my guesstimate with 1,150 - 1,635 the range).

Sourced from Ticker Sense

As for sector strength; I am looking for financials to lead the pack (it was a 50:50 split amongst bloggers for Financials with Technology, Energy and Health Care the leading candidates for next year). On the flip side, I expect it to be a poor year for Materials (Bloggers looked to Consumer discretionary, Utilies and Telecom as the worst sectors for 2007).

Those bloggers with a bullish outlook for Financials were Investment Ideas by Yaser Anwar, The Knight Trader, The Peridot Capitalist and In The Money. Bloggers with a bearish outlook for Materials were myself and the Confused Capitalist. had the complete opposite opinion to my own with a bullish outlook for Materials and a bearish one for Financials.

Come back this time next year to see how all of this panned out.