Friday, October 13, 2006

Fallond / Trade Ideas / Jim Cramer : October 4th and 5th

There was an interesting divergence in the 1-week stock performance for Wednesday and Thursday. The markets may have had strong Thursday, but individual stocks didn't join the party. Wednesday, with its afternoon dip in the indices, was able to return stronger individual stock perfomances than that of Thursday; a worrying concern for buyers of individual stocks.

The market ETFs were consistent across the two days - posting an average return of +2.00% and +1.41% for Wednesday and Thursday respectively. The Trade Ideas performed relatively well, with a +1.06% and a +0.18% return over the two days. My newsletter picks had the best performance for Wednesday of all the picks, returning +5.55% on average per trade. There were no picks for Thursday because of a baby care class I had on Wednesday night. Jim Cramer had a decent Wednesday with an average return of +1.24% per trade and closed slightly down for Thursday (-0.29%).

But, where the pain was really felt was in the percentage of profitable picks. For Wednesday, the minimum win percentage from all the picks was 67% (ironically, from my newsletter picks). For Thursday, given all the positive hubris on the Dow, the minimum win percentage went to Jim Cramer's picks at 38%. My Trade Ideas picks performed slightly better at 50% - but this was below the previous day's win percentage of 75%.

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