Friday, October 06, 2006

Collective2 portfolio: Story so far

With the markets stalling after two days of gains I have opted to give a run down on the current status of my Collective2 portfolio. There are currently 5 positions, down from the 8 held for most of the period of May through August.

Assuming a $100K account:

$54.6K in Equity (55%)
$45.4K in Cash (45%)
$10.5K in Retained Profit - over and above Cash (since September 2005).

I have recommended a 40:60 equity:cash allotment to Newsletter Subscribers. So, I am holding existing positions and letting the market knock them out to reduce the equity:cash ratio. I am not planning to add more (for now), in line with a more cautious approach.

Maximum risk of current holdings:

The initial risk at time of position entry: $3.3K or 3%

Current risk:
Assumuing no gaps

PTNR: Filled at $9.14. Stop at $9.57 Risk: +$430
CMRG: Filled at $11.32 Stop at $13.09 Risk: +$1,770
ARRY: Filled at $8.45 Stop at $7.96 Risk: -$588
TMX: Filled at $24.58 Stop at $23.27 Risk: -$524
ACLI: Filled at $56.45 Stop at $54.74 Risk: -$342

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