Friday, August 04, 2006

Collective2: CNL, SPAR and LNT out

The volatile spread in Friday's action took a swipe at three of the positions in the Collective2 portfolio. Two closed for a small profit, one for a small loss.

Cleco Corp (CNL) announced a public offering of up to 7 million shares, in addition to Thursday's after market earnings release. The stock dipped below its raised stop price from yesterday (then staged an afternoon rally). The 400 share lot closed for a +$440 profit.

Spartan Motors (SPAR) was bought at support on Wednesday's small doji. The stock broke into its breakout gap (and hit the stop price) on its way to test gap lows at $15.50. The 600 share lot closed for a loss of -$240.

Alliant Energy (LNT) released earnings on Thursday which reported a Q2 profit after a losing quarter last year. But a sharp sell off, late morning Friday, knocked out the protective stop, registering a +$297 profit on a 300 share lot.