Friday, July 07, 2006

Collective2: UARM, FISV and SWY out

On Thursday I tightened the stops on a number of positions to protect gains (or reduce exposure) in the face of an additional retest of prior indices lows, in particular the NASDAQ 100 and Semiconductor index - both of which look shaky.

The higher stops knocked out three positions; UARM was a big loser on the day, losing -9% to close at $38.69. The Collective2 position was stopped out at $40.77. The play registered a +$1,065 gain on 300 shares. Two losses were taken in FISV and SWY. FISV suffered its fifth straight day of declines, enough to dip below its 50-day MA. The 200 share lot closed with a -$266 loss. Finally, SWY suffered modest declines on light volume - building on two inverted (bearish) hammers from the last couple of days. As a precaution the stop was raised to stop the 500 share position for a -$70 loss.