Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Apple: Design by Committee?

I had just read the Barrron's article on Apple today. I am not sure what the love affair with Apple is all about. The Ipod market is saturated (fair enough - no need to flog a dead horse) so the focus is switched to a Macintosh which can use Windows. Why is this so wunderbar? If one wants to run Windows one is more likely to buy a PC over an Apple capable Mac (cheaper). And if one is an Apple user there will likely be no desire to run Windows (other than a gamer perhaps).

So where is the market for this machine?

If ever there was a cue for recession then this dumb idea should be the push? For other Design by Committee fluff take a spin Googling opinions on the Xbox 360 and the with/without hard drive option (Thank You Microsoft) and soon to be PS3 with its price tag and "security features" (Thank you Sony - again. And to think I *loved* Sony Walkmans in their day).

Cases of too many people paid too much money to design too far up their.....