Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fallond / Trade Ideas / Jim Cramer : July 28th

I have updated the returns for Wednesday and Thursday as there were some errors in the stocks for myself and Jim Cramer. Friday's week-on-week comparison continued the decent performance of the market ETF's; closing the week up +0.98%. Jim Cramer had no stocks for Friday. My one newsletter picks were net flat on the week (+0.06%), with the Trade Ideas picks down -0.62%. My own picks were hurt by the performance of SPAR, which ended the week down -7.00%. The Trade Ideas scan had its own millstone with SEH down -7.49%.

Although I have not updated the performance charts in some time, the average net one-week return for each set of stock picks is as follows:

My newsletter average return: -0.19%, n = 55
Trade Ideas average return: +0.27% n = 59
Jim Cramer's average return: -0.10%, n = 52
Market ETF's average return: +0.03%, n = 59

(For each n, an average of 6-8 stocks were used)

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